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8th October 2015

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Nigg Community Council
Minutes of Monthly Meeting of 8
TH October 2015
Nigg Police Station

Present:  Nigg CC: Chair Alan Strachan, Margaret Strachan, Greg Strange, Allison Lawrence, Moira Hay, Jan Harby,      
                Debra McDonald, Clr Neil Cooney, Adele Merson EE.
Apologies: James Brownhill, Florence Clark, Jenny Gall, Clr. Andy Finlason
Item 1 – Opening -    Chair welcomed attendees.
Item 2 – Minutes & Agenda -   Minutes of 10th September 2015 meeting agreed and accepted.
Item 3 – Police Report  No Police Report – due to operational requirements.
Item 4 – Mail -
  Incoming     email - “Bartonwillmore” (Colin Laverty) Request to attend and give presentation on new Nigg Harbour
                 Project.   “ACC” (Karen Rennie) Note of “Lane Closure” (Souterhead Roundabout) 30th Sept - 9th Oct.
                 “ACC” (Anne-Marie Steehouder) Copy of “Amazing Things”- Wider Achievement for Young People. 
                 “ACCF”     (Isobyl McLeod) – Copy minutes from 7th Sept. meeting and agenda for 5th Oct.
                 “ACC” - Letters stating CC Application forms were received and accepted with no need for further election.     
                 Nigg CC letter to “ACC “– (Gavin Evans ,Planning) Observations / Objection re.  Planning apl. 151082 (New
                 School @ Calder Park)                                                                    
Item 5 - Planning Matters. -  Main discussion was regarding the number of proposed developments in the area and
                the lack of infrastructure to cope.     Q. re status of proposed new Academy for Loirston.      A   Cllr. Cooney
                intimated that no decisions had been made and that discussions were progressing and still ongoing.   
                Q  Why is there a separate planning application for the “Car Park” for the new school as it is part of the
                New School Development.    A.  Cllr. Cooney was unsure why car park application was separate, but
                advised it was going to committee on 15th Oct.   AS to check and advise.
Item 6 – AOB  -   AS   advised meetings with Torry / Kincorth and Cove & Altens CC`s. were still ongoing and group
               awaiting confirmation of next meeting with “ACC” Pete Leonard.   
               Suggestion to purchase sign age, showing “Welcome to Nigg”      AS to check and advise 
Next Meeting-Thursday 12th November 2015
Alan Strachan
8th November 2015

Next Meeting

7.00 pm Thursday 8th February 2018
will be held at
Nigg Police Station
Redmoss Road

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