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14th May 2016

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Nigg Community Council
Minutes of Monthly Meeting of 12th May  2016
Nigg Police Station
Present:  Nigg CC: Vice Chair James Brownhill, Greg Strange, Jan Harby, June Wemyss. Alison Lawrence. Resident: Gordon Anderson. Clrs: Andy Finlayson, Neil Cooney, Stephen Flynn.  Police Scotland:  Adele Mitchell (PC A1516), Louise Kippen (PC0808.
Apologies:. Chair Alan Strachan, Margaret Strachan, Jenny Gall, Moira Hay
Item 1 – Opening -   Vice Chair welcomed attendees.
Item 2 – Minutes & Agenda -   Minutes of previous meeting of 14th April accepted.
Item 3 – Police Report – Previous reports of scramble bike disturbance now fully resolved as bike no long in persons possession.  Traffic turning right from West Tullos Rd through central reservation onto Redmoss Rd continues to be monitored.  Nothing else to report in Nigg CC area.  Jan H raised concern over a further incident of air gun being handled/used at a given address.  Aware that laws on airguns being tightened.  ACTION Police Scotland  to pursue case, and report back on air gun law changes and timings.
Item 4 – Mail -  Incoming
Various ACC ref meetings Energy from Waste (EfW) plant
19 April ACC Planning Lucy Green App 151878 (Boyne Villa) confirmation of receipt of objection by Nigg CC
19 April ACC Planning Gavin Evans  App 160371 (44 Units Newton of Charleston) confirmation of receipt of objection from Nigg CC
20 April ACCF Dustin MacDonald notification of first meeting of ACCF Planning Sub Group 25 April pm
20 April ACC Planning Mathew Easton City Park 1 Discharge of Planning Obligations.
25 April James l Notification  resident GowanLea had not received Neighbourhood Notification for Plan App 160371
26 April Aberdeen Harbour Rania Semprezi Advice of Harbour Board “Capital Dredge and Sea Disposal”
25 April ACC Planning Paul Williamson Confirmation of Grant of Approval App160067 Coffee Drive Thru at Makro.
27 April ACC Planning Ken Neil Note of “Bridge of Dee Study Stag 2 Appraisal Public Exhibitions
3 May ACC Karen Rennie web location for Update of AWPR Craibstone Junction Flyer
3 May ACC Amanda Farquhar status of Gypsy/Traveller sites within City
10 May ACC Steven Davidson Temporary Traffic Order for Baker Hughes 10K run May 15.
12 May ACC Karen Rennie onpass from Sandy Mathers Ref Community Empowerment Focus Group meeting 31 May
12 May Karen Rennie update that Gypsy/Travellers at Yule Glass site now vacated.
Outgoing –
17 April ACC Plan’ App 160067 Drive Thru Coffee Shop second letter of objection referring Safe Routes to Schools
26 April ACC Planning App 160246 Football Stadium Calder Park advising response to previous objections ref Light Pollution and On-Street Parking had both now been “Satisfied”.
26 April Nicholas Lawrence App 160276 Energy from Waste Facility raising various cenrns and objections.
16 April Lucy Greene App 151878 Boyne Villa Transport Depot second letter raising observations and objections
Item 5 - Planning Matters - 
Plan App 160067 Coffee Shop gained approval.  Plan App 151878 Boyne Villa gained approval. Large number of Conditions. James B queried if ACC has manpower to ensure all conditions met over the 5 year they covered.
Planning App 151924 Infilling of Clachan Field with Topsoil by Hermiston Securities.  Previous residents concern over height of infill, status of application given only as “Pending”.  ACTION Clr Neil C to pursue status.
Plan App 160371 Newton of Charleston 44 Units indicates mains sewerage infrastructure required. Plan App 160556 33 Redmoss Road, Erection of Store. Energy from Waste Plant, large volume of literature received.  Chair had responded (outgoing mail).  Continued discussion about suitability of site resulting in increased traffic flows.  Suggestion that AWPR site should with excess energy exported to National Grid in same manner as Lincoln plant.
Aberdeen Football Club Stadium, latest proposal for Kingswells/Westhill site just within City Boundary.  ACTION Clr Andy F to investigate status and future of AFC Loirston Stadium Determined Plan App.
Bridge of Dee STAG 2 Public Exhibitions Tue 17 May Inchgarth Community Centre, Wed 18 May South Holburn Church both 12.00-8.00pm. ACTION James B to put exhibition times on web site.
Item 6 AOB –  Query from local resident as to location of A90 bus stops at Maryculter Road End/Newton Charleston when new Charleston flyover constructed.  Early indications they will be lay-by bus stops on north side of new flyover on slip roads.  ACTION James B to pursue further details with John Wilson ACC.
Next Meeting -Thursday 9thJune 2016.
James Brownhill  17th May 2016


Next Meeting

7.00 pm Thursday 8th February 2018
will be held at
Nigg Police Station
Redmoss Road

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