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11th August 2016

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Nigg Community Council
Minutes of Monthly Meeting of 11th August  2016
Nigg Police Station

Present:  Nigg CC: Chair, Alan Strachan, Margaret Strachan, James Brownhill, Jenny Gall, Debra McDonald, Greg Strange, Jan Harby, June Wemyss. Alison Lawrence. Clrs: Andy Finlayson, Neil Cooney, Stephen Flynn.  Resident:  Heather Meconi, Pauline Perfect, Gordon Anderson. Company:  Scott Jennings of C F Jennings
Apologies: Florence Clark.
Item 1 – Opening -   Vice Chair welcomed attendees.
Item 2 – Minutes & Agenda -   Minutes of previous meeting of 9th June accepted.
Item 3 – Police Report –  Due to workload at the time no officer was available to give the report.
Item 4 – Mail -  Incoming
10 June ACC Karen Rennie letter ref “Golden Awards for Volunteers”
15 June ACC Karen Rennie letter ref “Scottish Heritage Angel Awards”
3 July ACC Clr N Cooney Onpass of email response ACC Mark Yule ref location bus stops at new AWPR Charleston Flyover.  ACTION  James B to pursue with ACC Chris Cormack
4 July Clr A Finlayson status of plan  app P101299 AFC Stadium Loirston, planning now been withdrawn.
10 July Police Scotland PC Bob McKinney copy of latest “Crime Reduction Bulletin” focussing on bicycle theft, and front-doorstep and on-line fraud.
29 July AWPR Norman Duncan ref Traffic Managementat Old Stonehaven RoadWellington Road junction.
29 July NHS information ref Neighbourhood Health Improvement Fund. 
9 Aug Lidl refnew store on Greenwell Road, now submitted as Planning App 160546. 
10 Aug ACC Hugh Murdoch response to enquiry/update on proposed works and improvements on A956 Wellington Rd corridor over next 10-15 years
Various emails between four south of city community councils (4CC), regrd to planning, roadsEfW plant Lidle store
Letter Gordon Anderson, resident ref overgrown trees on Tullos Hill affecting Rosewood Av, and complications ref land ownership/grass cutting responsibilities.
10 June Martin McLennan Balfour Beatty,  Ref Calder Park school development letter of complaint about use of Redmoss Road for access to site.
ACC Planning Sheila Robertson second letter of objection ref PA 160566 at 33 Redmoss Rd
Item 5 - Planning Matters
New ACC online planning application  system has proven difficult to use/impossible to find certain information.
PA 151924 Infilling of Clachan Field with Topsoil by Hermiston Securities.  Clr AF advised this had been approved with noted requirement for additional information regarding drainage on site.  Plan app website shows this “Awaiting Decision”
Lidl PA 160546 suggestion that Nigg CC contact Lidl and/or ACC for store provided courtesy community bus as part of Lidl’s “community involvement”
Calder Park School, Redmoss Rd concern over use of road for construction traffic for a two week period as setting a precedent.  Would appear that recently construction traffic has been using Redmoss Rd again.  Verification in discussion that on completion of school for term beginning Autumn 2018 Redmoss Road will be closed to through traffic.
PA161093 Boyne Villa  Developer requested change of original PA 151878 Condition 1 to allow operation of site as transport depot, not when AWPR completed (as Condition 1) but in light of improved safety measures by AWPR contractor, (no right turn on exiting Old Stonehaven Road onto A956 Wellington Road) operation of depot as soon as depot completed.   Nigg CC still expressing concern.
PA161164 Boyne Villa just received for erection of worksheds for commercial vehicles.
PA160276 Energy from Waste Plant Tullos, continuing concern ref feasibility of site/finances of domestic heating scheme and increase in city traffic resulting.  Public Inquiry due 24 August at which Nigg CC will make a presentation.
Item 6 – Roads
Discussed under various Planning Applications and Incoming Correspondance.
Item 7 AOB –  None specific
Next Meeting-Thursday 8th September 2016.   
James Brownhill  7th September  2016

Next Meeting

7.00 pm Thursday 8th February 2018
will be held at
Nigg Police Station
Redmoss Road

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