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17th November 2016

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Monthly Meeting of Nigg Community Council Minutes

 17th November 2016

Nigg Police Station

Present Nigg CC: Alan Strachan- Chair, James Brownhill, Alison Lawrence, Margaret Strachan, Greg Strange, Jan Harby, Jenny Gall, Gordon Anderson, Cllr Andy Finlayson, Police Scotland; Stephen McEwan.
Apologies; Cllr Neil Cooney, Moira Hay,Cllr Stephen Flynn.
Item 1; Opening-Chair welcomed everyone to meeting.
Item2; Minutes & Agenda – Minutes of meeting of 13th October accepted.
Item 3; Police Report;  Nescam van damaged. Road traffic offences detected. Insecure cars in Kincorth entered. Advice from police to keep all doors locked.
Item 4; Mail – Incoming- 1 David Fryer-Letter to Chief Executive and Holyrood from 4 community councils for clarity re handling of planning procedure regards Energy from Waste plant.(next stakeholder meeting January). 4 Response to letter re collapsed drains on Redmoss Road –unable to prove who caused damage. Further letter to be sent.
Item 5; Planning Matters – Nil.
Item 6; Roads – Change in Charleston flyover.
Item 7; AOCB – Gordon Anderson attended Forum meeting. Informed meeting re workshop at Aberdeen Town Hall on 22nd NOV. at 6.30- subject Do you want to be a Community Councillor? Also Licensing workshop 07/12/2016.
Item 8; Next Meeting Thursday 8th December 2016.
Alison Lawrence 07/12/2016



Next Meeting

7.00 pm Thursday 8th February 2018
will be held at
Nigg Police Station
Redmoss Road

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