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12th January 2017

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Nigg Community Council
Minutes of Monthly Meeting of 12th January 2017
Nigg Police Station

Present; Nigg CC, Alan Strachan – Chair, James Brownhill, Moira Hay, Jan Harby, Margaret Strachan, June Wemyss, Jenny Gall, Greg Strange. Resident Aurelie Irving. ACC; Andy Finlayson, Stephen Flynn. Police Scotland, Steve McEwan. EE, Lee McCann.
Apologies; Gordon Anderson, Alison Lawrence, Debra McDonald, Lee McCann
Item 1-Opening; Chair welcomed attendees
Item 2-Minutes and Agenda;  Correction to minutes of meeting of 8th December – Jenny Gall had offered apologies for not being able to attend, otherwise Minutes accepted
Item3-Police report;  Various domestic incidents, traffic offences, vandalism.  Potential problems with parking on Nigg Kirk Road.  Anti-social behaviour in areas adjacent to Nigg CC. Alan S passed on report from resident of broken window in Redmoss Walk.
Item 4- Mail Various incoming ref Tullos Energy from Waste Plant (EfW), Aberdeen Harbour (Nigg Bay), adoption of ALDP and invitation to meeting ref AWPR. Outgoing ref collapsed culverts on Redmoss Road.  ACTION Moira H to identify exact location of culverts.
Item 5-Planning matters; No significant planning applications within our area. Greg S attended last EfW meeting, but under current status meetings now becoming less relevant and SEPA edging out of them.
Item 6- Roads - Under Nigg Harbour Development,  plans for rock to be transported Cove (Leiths Quarry) Wellington Road, East Tullos with frequent passage of lorries.
Item7- AOCB- On website. James Brownhil updating script on front page.
Resident Aurelie Irving stood to be co-opted onto Nigg CC proposed  by Jenny Gall and seconded by Moira Hay.
Item 8 – Next Meeting: 7.0 pm Thursday 9th February 2017 Nigg Police Station.
James Brownhill
2nd February 2017

Next Meeting

7.00 pm Thursday 8th February 2018
will be held at
Nigg Police Station
Redmoss Road

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