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9th February 2017

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Minutes of Monthly Meeting of 9th February 2017
Nigg Police Station

Present; Nigg CC, Alan Strachan-Chair, Gordon Anderson, Jenny Gall, Jan Harby, Moira Hay, Aurelie Irving, Alison Lawrence, Debra McDonald, Margaret Strachan, Greg Strange, June Wemyss. Resident Michael Gordon, ACC Neil Cooney, Andy Finlayson, Stephen Flynn, Local Council Candidate Lynn Thomson, Police Scotland David  Elrick.
Apologies;  James  Brownhill.
Item 1 – Opening; Chair welcomed attendees.
Item 2- Minutes  and  Agenda.Minutes of last meeting accepted.
Item 3- Police Report- 1 RTC undetected, discussion re L drivers doing manoeuvres in unsuitable areas.
Item 4 – Mail- 1 Various communication on EFW plant at Tullos, 2-Police Scotland re scam Email  and Crime Reduction Bulletin, 3-Copy response from ACC re refusal of pedestrian crossing on Wellington Road, 4 -newsletter from Balfour Beattie re progress of new academy,5 – Ken Hutchison Health and Social Care Partnership, 6 – Karen Rennie, info re NHS 3rd sector Alcohol and Drug services and note of consultation on the Future of Scottish Planning System 7 – James Brownhill re update on NCC website and meeting re septic tank.
Item 5 – Planning-No applications. See AOCB.
Item 6 –Roads- Alan Strachan to contact Colin Burnett ACC Senior Road Engineer re repairs to Redmoss Road.
Item 7-AOCB-1 Invitation to meeting at 6.30 Tuesday 7thMarch at Torry Academy to give update on progress of Lochside Academy and safer roads to school. 2-  Michael Gordon (resdent) voiced anger at removal of trees at Boyne Villa , not removed by electricity company AF to investigate. 3-  Ditches require clearing on Redmoss Road. AF to action.4- Drains blocked, AS to action. 5- Renewal of subscription for hosting website due, Gordon checked out company webhost, domain name etc at reasonsble cost, communicated info to James for discussion.6- Weeds on Redmoss Avenue situation ongoing no-one taking responsibility for maintenance Barratts or ACC.
Item8-Next Meeting  7.00pm Thursday 9th March 2017 Nigg Police Station.
Alison Lawrence 21/02/2017

Next Meeting

7.00 pm Thursday 8th February 2018
will be held at
Nigg Police Station
Redmoss Road

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