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13th April 2017

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Nigg Community Council

Minutes of Monthly Meeting 13th April 2017 at Nigg Police Station

Present; Nigg CC, Alan Strachan –Chair, James Brownhill, Florence Clark, Jenny Gall, Jan Harby, Moira Hay, Alison Lawrence, Margaret Strachan, Greg Strange, June Wemyss, ACC Neil Cooney, Andy Finlayson, Police Scotland Lee Thompson, Lee McCann EE, Residents Graham Troup, James Wemyss.
Item 1- Opening; Chair welcomed attendees. Apologies, Gordon Anderson, Aurelie Irving, Debra McDonald.
Item 2- Mintes and Agenda; Correction to minutes 9th March  Moira Hay not present.
Item 3 - Police Report; Vandalism to industrial unit undetected, thefts of copper piping x 8 all detected, Wellington Hotel disorder with knife in possession, theft detected, theft of  welding cable from industrial unit.
There will be input with schools to deliver a package to pupils re wilful fire raising.
Item 4 –Mail in; 1-Various communications onEFWP at Tullos, 2 Gordon Anderson re trees on Rosewood Avenue and   Abbotswell Crescent – action has been taken. Resident re fears for trees at back of property being set on fire.  3   Karen  Rennie  reminder  re behaviour at Community   Council   meetings.  4 Note of Legal   Challenge   against   the   adoption of the 2017 Aberdeen Local Dev Plan. 5 Message from Chief Constable Phil Gormley re events in London. 6 Community Bulletin March 2017. 7 Note of meeting at Kincorth  Academy   27th April re Lochside Academy update. 8   Letter re First Bus Fare Review..
Mail out;  Objections re Boyne Villa being used as Transport Depot and Verifications of works. Lucy  Greene on A/L. AS  and AF to action. Request  ACC  carry out site visit.
Item 5 – Planning;  3 applications- 37,Redmoss Road single storey extension, 3,Redmoss Walk porch, Central area Makro –  from retail to leisure . Closure of Redmoss  Road  wrong dates on letter, clarification to be sought by AF/NC  regards length of time of closure. AS to get clarification regards information contained in letter sent to residents and also planning condition that Redmoss Road not to be used for construction traffic.
Item 6 –Roads; MODAL-4 Community councils southside of city have concerns re Loriston development, AWPR, EFWP, Harbour and Wellington Road told plans and measures for improvement at junctions were to be put in place but no information has been given would like to know improvements  in pipeline before making comment. Street light on Redmoss Road out. AF to action.
Item 7- Nigg Website-Subscription for domain hosting renewed.
AOCB; 1 Contact to be made with Steven Shaw to request ACC to adopt maintenance of Viewpoint. –NC to action. 2 James Brownhill land adjacent to Porsche garage requires landscaping. AF to action. 3 Resident re maintenance of grass at WT station. AS to action.
Neil Cooney indicated last meeting attending as councillor as retiring. Thank you to Neil for all his help and assistance over years and  ENJOY YOUR RETIREMENT.
Next meeting 11th May 2017 at Nigg Police Station.
Alison Lawrence

Next Meeting

7.00 pm Thursday 8th February 2018
will be held at
Nigg Police Station
Redmoss Road

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