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8th June 2017

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Nigg Community Council

Minutes of Monthly Meeting 8th June 2017 at Nigg Police Station

Present;  Nigg CC, Alan Strachan, Gordon Anderson, James Brownhill, Jan Harby, Aurelie Irvine, Alison Lawrence, Debra McDonald, Margaret Strachan, Greg, Strange, June Wemyss, ACC, Sarah Duncan, resident James Wemyss.

Item 1;Opening- Chair welcomed attendees. Apologies , Stephen Flynn, Jenny Gall, Moira Hay, Alex Nicol.
Item 2; Minutes and Agenda- Minutes of last meeting accepted.

Item 3; Police Report;  No representative  from Police Scotland present.

Item 4; Mail in ;  1 Mark Russel (MSP). Note of 20mph Members Bill for response. 2 Sarah Phimster  Confirmation  of visit to Lochside Academy. 3 Note from Police Scotland following events in London. 4 Note from Police Scotland following events in Manchester.5 Update on City Centre Master Plan. 6  Copy of ACC Car Parking Review. 7 Invite to Ramadhan  After Dinner 2017. 8 Karen Rennie, note re no 5 bus route –no changes planned meantime. 9 Info re  Charter  for Trees, Woods and People. Mail out;  Nil.

Item 5;  Planning -  Nil.

Item 6; Roads – 1 Discussion re- route for lorries from Leiths to Harbour. 2 Incidents of fly tipping on Redmoss Road - Alan has enquiry no. Sarah  to action.

Item 7; Nigg CCWebsite –ongoing, Facebook page more info on.

AOCB;   Encroachment of trees on unadopted land – Gordon communicating with Stephen Flynn.

Next meeting 7pm 10th August 2017 at Nigg Police Station.
Alison Lawrence.

Next Meeting

7.00 pm Thursday 8th February 2018
will be held at
Nigg Police Station
Redmoss Road

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