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Minutes Dec 17

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Nigg Community Council

Minutes of Meeting 14th December 2017at Nigg Police Station

Present; Nigg CC, Chair Alan Strachan, Gordon Anderson, James Brownhill, Florence Clark, Moira Hay, Alison Lawrence, Greg Strange, Margaret Strachan , ACC, Stephen Flynn, Alex Nicoll, Philip Sellar, Police Scotland, Sam Harris, Residents, James Wemyss, June Wemyss.

Apologies; Jenny Gall, Jan Harby, Debra McDonald.

Minutes; correction Date for Safe Routes to School meeting should be 16th November.

Police; Theft of fuel x2 undetected, careless driving Redmoss Road, 2 x theft of tools from construction sites undetected-lines of enquiry.

Mail in; 1 Police Scotland,Illegal waste dumping-cost of clean up significant. Reporting encouraged to Crimestoppers, Be aware of adverse weather conditions. Be aware of cold calls and online contacts offering fake government grants, do not give any details or pay any money.

2 Abdul Rahim, Ness Assessment, Update on feedback workshop.

3 Alex Nicoll, ACC. Response to queries re Old Stonehaven Road/Wellington Road. Awaiting clarification.

5 Abdul Rahim, Ness Assessment, Note of meeting date.

6 Stephen Flynn ,ACC, Update on bus stop on A90, meeting with AWPR, Public Transport Team and members of public to be arranged,

7 ACC .Temp. traffic order- Boyd Orr Avenue parking restriction 11th-22nd Dec.

Mail out; None.

Planning; None.

Roads; Temp. traffic order- Gas replacement works Boyd Orr Avenue.

AOB; 1,Complaints re condition of roads during adverse weather. Alex Nicoll ACC, explained procedure for treatment of roads.

2, Condition of ditches on Redmoss Road highlighted ie full of water.

3, Safe Routes to School, Kincorth and Torry pupils, busses with passes. Cove pupils, busses with no passes, Leggart pupils, bus. Pedestrian crossing on Wellington Road, Temporary 20mph speed restriction on Wellington Road, Loading ban on Wellington Circle. All implemented before school opens. Assessed April and feedback June/July. Any changes implemented for next school term.

Next meeting 11th January 2018 at Nigg Police Station.

Alison Lawrence.









Next Meeting

7.00 pm Thursday 8th February 2018
will be held at
Nigg Police Station
Redmoss Road

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