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12th March 2015

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 Nigg Community Council
Minutes of Monthly Meeting of 12TH March  2015
Nigg Police Station

Present:  Nigg CC: Chair Alan Strachan, Margaret Strachan, James Brownhill, Jan Harby, Jenny Gall, Moira Hay. Resident: Greg Strange.  Clr Andy Finlayson, Clr Neil Cooney. Police Scotland:  David Hide.  BartonWillmore: Gordon Thomson.
Apologies: Florence Clarke, Debra McDonald, Malcolm McDonnell
Item 1 – Opening -    Chair welcomed attendees.
Item 2 – Minutes & Agenda -   Minutes of 12th February 2015 meeting agreed and accepted.
Item 3 – Police Report Wellington Road speeding offences and mobile phone using offences. Weekend Police initiative on anti-social behaviour. Continued discussion of Nigg street parking by Altens office workers reckless driving.  ACTION Police/Nigg CC initiative with windscreen letter.
Item 4 – Nigg Bay Development Framework 
Presentation by Gordon Thomson of BartonWillmore, Edinburgh, working with Aberdeen Harbour Board and other partners with potential site start 2017.  Q & A session.  Subject now recognised by Scottish Government as a “National Development” in the planning process.  More information at
Item 5 – Mail -   Incoming  
6 Feb First Bus Mark Caird changes to services 3,17,17a &18a
6 Feb ACC Notice of Pre Planning Consultation ref New Academy Calder Park to be given to Cove and Altens CC 39th March and Nigg CC 9th April meeting.  ACTION Alan S/Clr Findlayson to revert requesting better venue/date for Nigg CC.
13 Feb ACC Garfield Prentice response ref Nigg CC correspondence ref P111193 AFC Stadium
18 Feb Police Scotland Nigg ref “indiscriminate parking” on Nigg Kirk Road.
23 & 26 Feb ACC Anne-Marie Steehouder Kincorth Academy HM Inspection commencing 16 March
24 Feb SITA Colin Forshaw Note of new Exhibition ref Recycling facilites 1-8pm Altens Thistle  25 & 26 Feb
2 Mar Scottish Government Sylvia Sterling ref “Future of Planning in Scotland “ Forum Edinburgh 19 March
4 Mar ACC Housing Martin Smith Update on G/T Stakeholder Group
Various Torry CC David Fryer ref meetings with ACC Tom Rogers on traffic studies and future group meeting late March
12 Mar ACC Mark Masson Note of ACC Pre Planning Application Meeting 2pm Town House 19 March P150217 new school Calder Park
13 Feb ACC Garfield Prentice requesting clarification of  status of AFC Stadiun P111193
13 Feb ACC Maureen Harper request for status on Plan apps 090116 & 990227ref Former Dutch School site at Boyd Orr
13 Feb ACC Gareth Allison request for status of Plan App 101383 ref Former Dutch School site Boyd Orr
Various BartonWillmore Gordon Thomson ref presentation to Nigg CC 12th March meeting on Nigg Bay Development.
Item 6 - Planning Matters. -  Response from ACC Planning ref P111193 still unsatisfactory ACTION Alan S and Clr Findlayson to pursue separate channels to achive a more definitive response.
Item 6 – Gypsy/TravellersStatus of Stakehoders Group discussed under Incoming Mail
Item 7 – Roads– Car Parking problems in area discussed under Incoming Maill
Item 8 – AOB
Viewpoint awaiting soil and plants
New Neighbourhood Watch scheme Manager making progress
Next Meeting–Thursday 9th April  2015
James Brownhill
4th April 2015

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Next Meeting


7.00 pm Thursday 9th November 2017
will be held at
Nigg Police Station
Redmoss Road


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