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14th January 2016

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Nigg Community Council
Minutes of Monthly Meeting of 14th January 2016
Nigg Police Station

Present:  Nigg CC: Vicechair James Brownhill, Greg Strange, Jan Harby, Moira Hay, Jenny Gall, Florence Clark, June Weymss. Clrs Andy Finlayson, Neil Cooney, Stephen Flynn. Police Scotland: Andy Peerless. Evening Express: Adele Merson. ACC: Pete Lawrence, Pam Walker.
Apologies: Alan Strachan, Margaret Strachan
Item 1 – Opening -   Vicechair welcomed attendees.
Item 2 – Minutes & Agenda -   Minutes of 10th December 2015 meeting, agreed and accepted.
Item 3 – Police Report –  Five crime files, four being traffic offences. Speed gun patrols on Redmoss Road with some warnings issued.  More Officers being trained in use of speed guns.  James B expressed concern at two fatalities in last 15 months on A90 northbound slip road to A956 at Charleston flyover, and additionally numerous non-fatal accidents.  Section of road is responsibility of BEAR, but suggestions to raise concern to BEAR, Transport Scotland ACTION Andy F to supply address)and to ACC. ACTION Police Scotland to provide recorded accident figures in last 15months at accident slip road
Item 4 – ACC Presentation Waste Recycling Pete Lawrence and Pam Walker gave comprehensive presentation on Waste Management in future including the Energy from Waste (EfW) project in East Tullos operational by 2021 incinerating waste from the City, Shire and Moray.  Stakeholders group established and Exhibition of plans including traffic figures expected in February 2017.   Also Mixed Recycling facility at Altens where the first turf has already been cut and will be opened 2017.  For households current “box and bin” collection will be replaced by 2017.  ACTION James B  to provide link to www.abzre.netfor full information.
Item 5 – Mail -  Incoming
Various ref meeting of four South of Dee Comm’ Councils
10 Dec ACC Clr Neil Cooney forwarding response from ACC ref large amount of topsoil being dumped on land behind Balmoral Group.  ACC have confirmed their approval for temporary storage of topsoil
11 Dec Halliday Fraser Munro Notice of Public Exhibition of the new Cove Rangers facilities at Calder Park.
Undated ACC information ref Recycling and Energy
6 Jan ACC Karen Rennie Copy of Policing Scotland – Strengthening Local Policing
7 Jan ACC Karen Rennie, copy of AWPR Update newsletter
8 Jan ACC Kate Lines Advice ref Emergency Road Closure of Redmoss Rd Road
10 Jan Nigg CC Copy email James Brownhill to Clr Finlayson ref work in progress Boyne Villa and Plan App 151878
13 Jan ACC Karen Rennie Note on “What are your priorities for a Police Service”
13 Jan ACC Karen Rennie Note on Training for CC Chairs and Vice Chairs (but list of courses not included.  ACTION James B to pursue list of courses.
13 Jan ACC Planning Gavin Evans Copy letter “Grant Permission” for New School at Calder Park App P151082
Outgoing– 16 Dec ACC Lucy Greene Comment on Plan App 151878 Boyne Villa change of use
Item 6 - Planning MattersPlan App 151878 Boyne Villa Old Stonehaven Rd concern as extensive groundwork executed prior Pan App submission. Nigg CC complaint resulted direct aggressive feedback from solicitors.  Appears two planning applications needed, one for the change in usage already submitted and one for the engineering work at the property, not yet submitted. 
Cove Rangers Stadium Pre Planning Application approved, full planning application expected end of Feb 2016.
P151928 Balmoral Group for building to replace current “temporary” fabric building for testing and office,
Item 7 –  Roads – Nothing specific.
Item 8 – AOB  -  Discussion over domestic garages being built on one property in Redmoss.  Planning App to be submitted retrospectively by end of January 2016
Annual Invitation to Queens Holyrood Garden Party for those that have not been before. ACTION Jenn G to check with absent Committee members.
Enquiry regarding a business being run in domestic property by some-one not the owner of the property.  ACTION Clr Andy Fto pursue regulations for this.  Concern over amount of peat to be dug out for new Academy at Nigg and environmental issues of loss of peat.  Letter (Incoming Mail 13 Jan Gavin Evans) states that management of peat will be “addressed through suspensive conditions”.ACTION Clr Andy F  to pursue meaning of “suspensive conditions”.
AFC stadium status unknown, ACTION Clr Andy F to establish.
Next Meeting-Thursday 11th February  2016. 
James Brownhill   
23rd  January 2016

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Next Meeting

7.00 pm Thursday 8th February 2018
will be held at
Nigg Police Station
Redmoss Road

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