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9th April 2015

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 Nigg Community Council
Minutes of Monthly Meeting of 9TH April  2015
Nigg Police Station

Present:  Nigg CC: Chair Alan Strachan, Margaret Strachan, James Brownhill, Jan Harby, Jenny Gall, June Wemyss, Moira Hay, Alison Lawrence, Debra McDonald. Resident: Greg Strange.  Clr Andy Finlayson, Clr Neil Cooney. Police Scotland:  Keri Dunn (PC1268), Robert Graham-Parke (PC1405).  Media: Adele Merson-  Evening Express
Apologies: Florence Clarke, Jenny Gall
Item 1 – Opening -    Chair welcomed attendees.
Item 2 – Minutes & Agenda -   Corrections to minutes of 12th March  2015  - Apologies for that meeting received also from Alison Lawrence and June Wemyss  - all other content of the minutes agreed and accepted.
Item 3 – Police Report –  Regard parking of cars in Redmoss and other areas, Alan S given draft letter to Nigg Police station to be finalised and placed on offending cars either by Police Scotlandor Community Wardens.  6 crime files relating to traffic type offences.  Various calls about trail bikes making noise on Gramps.  Drug related activity on Nigg Kikrk Road.
Item 4 – Mail   Incoming  
Various David Fryer ref matters concerning Community Councils south of River Dee
16 March ACC Anne Marie Steehouder, ref a) Meeting 18 March Loirston Primary School, b) Kincorth Learning Partnership , dates themes and venues 2015
16 March ACC Karen Rennie Local Government Benchmarking Framework
17 March ACC Karen Rennie ACC Chief Exec’ (Angela Scott) to attend CC Forum 1st June  and taking written questions to 20th April
18 March Planning Aid Scotalad Mark Armstrong Invite to Gypsy/Traveller event Perth 1 April
18 March ACC Euan Couperwhite confirmation of meeting 7th April 7pm Thistle Hotel ref new Calder Park School
19 March ACC Andrew Brownrigg Local Development Plan Proposed Plan, dates and venues for review.
19 March Clrs Cooney & Findlayson reply from ACC Roads Dept ref parking in Nigg area
23 March Sita  Colin Forshaw advice of planning application for new waste management facility in Altens
25 March Scottish Health Vicky McDonald Information ref Scottish Health Council
1April Police Scotland Insp Jamie Wilson letter ref indiscriminate parking in Nigg area.
Item 5 - Planning Matters. -  the four “south of Dee” Community Councils now met 4 times, and due to send letter ACC ref rapid pace of development, and lack of investment/development of infrastructure, especially roads.
Ref AFC stadium, no response from Planning Aid Scotland but general opinion is Planning Application remains live until Section 75 is signed.  Section 75 also factor in planning applications for former Dutch School site in Boyd orr.
Item 6 – Roads– Car Parking problems in area discussed under Incoming Mail and Planning
Item 7 – AOB
Viewpoint awaiting seats to be installed.  Awaiting from ACC map for Kincorth Hill path Network.  ACTION
Andy F to pursue permission to use maps on viewpoint information board.
Aberdeen Local Development Plan available for public consultation till 1st June.
Next Meeting–Thursday 14th May  2015
James Brownhill
16th May 2015

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Next Meeting

7.00 pm Thursday 8th February 2018
will be held at
Nigg Police Station
Redmoss Road

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