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12th February 2015

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 Nigg Community Council
Minutes of Monthly Meeting of 12TH February  2015
Nigg Police Station

Present:  Nigg CC: Chair Alan Strachan, Margaret Strachan, James Brownhill, June Wemyss, Debra McDonald, Jan Harby, Jenny Gall, Florence Clark, Alison Lawrence. Resident: Greg Strange, George Petrie.   Clr Andy Finlayson, Clr Neil Cooney. Police Scotland:  Innes Chalmers, Louise Kippen. HM Inspectorate of Constabulary:  Frank Gallup
Evening Express: Adele Merson (E/Express). 
Apologies: Moira Hay,
Item 1 – Opening -    Chair welcomed attendees.
Item 2 – Minutes & Agenda -   Minutes of 8th January 2015 meeting agreed and accepted.
Item 3 – Police Report In last month road traffic offences, thefts, minor assaults, drug related incidents, and a series of domestic break-ins. Reminder to lock house doors and windows.  Plans in 2016 to have one major road traffic project which may include motorcycles..  Discussion of ongoing problem of office workers parking in Redmoss estate – Community Wardens have noted some vehicles and are contacting local companies regarding issue.
Frank G gave introduction to role of HM Inspectorate, with focus on how policing is delivered at local levels.
Item 4 – Mail -   Incoming  
16th Jan ACC Gavin Evans confirming receipt of Nigg CC letter objecting to P141441 B/T site at Loirston
29th Jan HMIC Laura Paton notification of visit HM Inspectorate of Constabulary to Nigg CC meeting in February
30th Jan ACCF Isobyl McLeod copy of letter sent by ACCF ref P141441 to ACC Planning and lack of involvement with Gypsy/Traveller Stakeholder Group in this site selection.  ACTION Clrs Cooney/Findlayson to follow up
2nd Feb ACC Karen Rennie ref Traffic Order on Wellington Rd 16 Feb – 2 March northbound lane
9th Feb SITA Karen Westcott Invite to presentation Thur 26 1- 8pm Feb Altens Thistle ref Waste Management Plant East Altens
10th Feb  SITA Colin Forshaw as Karen Westcott above but with additional day for NiggCC Wednesday 25th.
10th Feb ACC Anne-Marie Steehouder ref Kincorth Learning Partnership meeting 28th Feb 9.30am
10th Feb Clr Cooney Copy of email from D Ritchie ref Order for lane markings on Queen Elizabeth II bridge in Spring 2015
9th Feb UK Gov Andrew Drought Invite to Stakeholder event ref Future Devolution of Scotland
Various dates Torry CC David Fryer confirmation of meeting with ACC Tom Rodgers ref traffic modelling Wellington Rd
12th Feb ACC Ross McDonald Poster promoting “Enterprising Academies” Project supporting start-up businesses
20th Jan Clr Findlayson copy email ref a road gritting (salt) bin on Redmoss Terrace
Various Resident Russell McLeod ref traffic levels on Redmoss Road
Various Torry CC David Fryer ref meeting with Tom Rodgers (see incoming mail )
Item 5 - Planning Matters. -  P141441 for Gypsy/Travellers site at Loirston discussed.  P111193 AFC Stadium at Loirston discussed.  Planning approval now more than 3 years old and thus should have lapsed as no further action taken by applicant.  ACTION Alan S to pursue status with ACC Planning
Item 6 – Roads – Increasing concerns byresidents of level of traffic on Redmoss Road/Abbotswell Crescent , especially when used as a rat run in morning rush hour with suggestions for Traffic Management or closure of Redmoss Rd.  (see incoming mail)  ACTION.  Further discussion  ACC second survey performed ref requested pedestrian crossing on Abbotswell Crescent.  Survey should surprising peak hour traffic volumes.  ACTION.  Further discussion  
Item 7 – AOB
Debra McD enquired ref planning apps (090227 and 090116) relating to old “Dutch School” land at Boyd Orr.  Appeared to be planning approval in April 2010 for 3 apartment blocks.
Next Meeting–Thursday 12th March  2015
James Brownhill
9th March 2015
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Next Meeting

7.00 pm Thursday 14th December 2017
will be held at
Nigg Police Station
Redmoss Road

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