8th December 2016


Nigg Community Council
                 Minutes of Monthly Meeting of 8th December2016

Nigg Police Station

Present; Nigg CC, Alan Strachan – Chair, Gordon Anderson –Vice Chair, James Brownhil, Moira Hay, Jan Harby, Alison Lawrence, Debra McDonald, Margaret Strachan, June Wemyss. ACC; Neil Cooney, Andy Finlayson, Stephen Flynn. EE, Lee McCann.
Apologies; Greg Strange.
Item 1-Opening; Chair welcomed attendees
Item 2-Minutes and Agenda; Minutes meeting of 17th November accepted
Item3-Police report;  No police personnel present to give report.
Item 4- Mail Response re drains on Redmoss Road, Alan Strachan contacted Colin Burnett after last month’s meeting to check if problem drains on survey report. Martin  Mclennan -  road survey to verify condition of road prior to works .Response from Colin Burnett 6th December pointing out inaccuracies in letter denying peat removed only hard core brought in. AS to apologise for any innacuricies but will point out lorries from Old  Stonehaven Road as drains collapsed at that end.
Item 5-Planning matters; No significant planning applications within our area. Reporter in Edinburgh approved housing in  Abbotswell Road following refusal by ACC
Gavin Evans enquiring if queries regarding opportune land . near Boyne Villa  had been answered. AS to action
Outwith area;  Harbour revision order, Anchor House- drive in coffee,  Nigg Bay- Greyhope Road –roads realignment for Nigg Bay  harbour project.
Item 6- Roads - Discussion re City Deal Money and use of same for roads in harbour project.
1st Dec 2016 -30th March 2018 Temporary prohibit of right turn off Old Stonehaven Road to A90 for safety during construction of APWR
Item7- AOCB- On website, link to NCC.  facebook page. James Brownhil updating website.
Moira Hay pointed out Calder Park full of water due to blocked dr
Congratulations to Alan Strachan on receiving Community Star Award.